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Varenecki & Pelmeni - How to Prepare Them?


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Varenecki & Pelmeni - How to Prepare Them?

Niki Rothman | Mar 27, 2006 01:18 PM

I bought some frozen meat & onion varenecki and also some potato and mushroom varenecki from a Russian market. My tendency would be to boil until they float and serve in broth, with maybe some cooked veg. such as cabbage and carrots - maybe a bit of sour cream.

Is this the best thing to do with varenecki? Would you ever fry them, or bake them? Are they better fried? Would you boil them first - how long? Fry in butter? Brown them? Should the butter brown, or would I fry them on a low flame to prevent the butter from browning, or is oil better? What kind of sauce? what veg.? Are there other things to do with varenecki?
What side dishes would go well with them?

I've had frozen pelmeni from a Lebanese shop before, they were made from pork. I did the broth, cabbage, sour cream thing. I didn't like them that much. Are pelmeni and varenecki the same thing - or would there be any differences in preparation & the sauces, side dishes that would go best? Are both Russian? How do you prepare and serve pelmeni?


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