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Ben P | Mar 1, 2004 01:00 PM

Thank you for the converted rice info. Next up is "vanilla extract". What we usually buy in the supermarket is "imitation" and runs about $4/pint. The real stuff would run $20/pint (extrapolating). Lo and behold, the ingredients on both read: "alcohol, vanilla". So, "imitation" is actually real vanilla extract, just diluted further?

The imitation also lists "sugar", which the real one does not. Not sure how a bunch of sugar could taste like vanilla, but I suppose it's used to stifle the alcohol taste when you over-dilute it.

Additionally, I have an old jar of vanilla beans. They were extremely expensive ($5 for 2 beans, I think) - what do they add to a recipe that extract cannot?

By the way, do "fresh" vanilla beans exist somewhere for the taking?

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