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Vancouver Rest Reviews from trip (long)

Leanne | Jun 2, 2005 06:02 PM

With only 5 days to spend in the city I declare my second home I knew I had a lot of eating to do, these are the places that I ventured to this go around and what I thought of them. Enjoy!

Friday: We started Friday after a light breakfast and on to lunch with one of the most amazing meals that I have ever experienced. Our friend who plays soccer took us to the PCOV or other wise known as the Portuguese Club of Vancouver. It is located on Commercial Drive however unsure of the cross street. Unfortunately you have to pay dues to the club in order to eat there so this was a special treat for us. We started off the meal with a bowl of green and black olives, a homemade basket of Portuguese bread and a plate of cheese. I need to talk about the cheese for a minute. THIS CHEESE! This cheese was like a ricotta but creamier in texture after my first bite, smeared on the bread and lightly salted I was begging my friend to find out where I could get my hands on it; when he asked the proprietor in his broken Portuguese he was told it was made from a ¡§vaca¡¨ or cow and made that morning in someone¡¦s house and delivered. Sadly I will not being seeing that cheese again until I come back. Next course we had steamed mussels in a butter garlic sauce that soaked up the bread nicely, then two links of chorizo, Did I mention the wine? Plain old Red Table wine but couldn¡¦t have gone better with the meal. Next came steamed clams with pork my head is swooning now, whether it is the wine, the atmosphere, the company or the food is too hard to decipher. More wine and one last dish, prawns, head intact, succulent, amazing. We ended the meal with espresso and a brandy. I had to be rolled back to the West End.

That night Stomach still full from the days lunch even though taking a healthy 4 hour walk around the city (completely out of guilt!) we ordered Chinese take away at my boyfriends parents house from Won More (sp?) located off Denman and Davie. Very fresh, nicely spiced and reasonable I would eat here again.

Saturday: For lunch we went to our old stand by for Fish and Chips at the Dover Arm¡¦s. Lightly battered Halibut and fresh chips with a pint made for a good way to start our day of exploring and lounging on the beach.

Dinner was cooked in for us by the boyfriends parents- BBQ ribs were amazing, I would give you the address but I don¡¦t think they would appreciate all the knocks on the door. ƒº

Sunday: After a night of hanging out with the family, (read translation hung-over) we ventured out bright and early to Kitsilano for a beggars breakfast at the King¡¦s Head Pub. Very simple breakfast of eggs, bacon, hashbrown¡¦s and brown toast all for 3.99, my boyfriend and his brother had that while I ate the blueberry pancakes. They were terrific. Nice and light with lot¡¦s of fresh blueberries, however something put me off for a bit I think it may have been the bacon but none the less I would eat there again.

Lunch was a bowl of ramen noodles at Gyoza King on Robson. I am not sure I would go back to this place as I am fond of Ezu Giku (sp?) across the street but we thought we would try something new. It was fresh enough and the service was friendly enough but there was just something missing from the broth that I usually get at Ezu Giku.

Dinner was back to Commercial Drive for wood fire pizza at Marchello¡¦s. The pizza was good, we enjoyed a large (plenty for the 3 we had dining) ham, artichoke, and olive pizza. The Caprese though was disappointing. Tomatoes were not ripe enough, the mozzarella was so-so and the dressing tasted bland. I usually love the simplicity of a Caprese salad but this one I could have done without. However the calamari we had for our appetizer was very good. I would pass on the grappa not very good we had both the lemon and the strawberry. Overall not impressed, I am sure there are better pizza joints in town for the price of our meal.

Monday: If you haven¡¦t been to the Lift I would highly suggest you go. We went for lunch and yes it is pricey, yes it is a bit pretentious and YES the food is great. I had the wild salmon for lunch that came with a salad of fresh spinach, pears, goat cheese and walnuts. Boyfriend had the seafood linguine that had Halibut, Prawns, Salmon and Salmon Sausage. Both were absolutely terrific. After looking at the dinner menu I would definitely come back here and try out any of the seafood dishes they offered as it was so expertly done. The Lift was located on the marina right off Denman I believe.

Dinner that night was back a third time to Commercial to meet up with friends. They wanted Chinese and we were a bit apprehensive as we already had Chinese on our trip but I am so glad we did. Now I can¡¦t remember what the restaurant was called but I do know it was located on exactly 12th avenue and Commercial Drive in a yellow free standing building with the words Szechuan on the building. I am still dreaming about the green beans, crisp, spicy, lots of garlic. We had a vegetarian with us as well and they had great offerings for him. Good spicy pork and beef.

I hope you are able to try out some of these places and have as good experiences that I have had. Here¡¦s to Good Eating!



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