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Vallejo: Gumbah’s Menu – Italian Beef, Cheese Steak, Chicago dogs, Gyros, more

rworange | Jan 17, 200611:35 PM     20

Today I had a delicious lunch at Gumbah’s and it has had quite a few positive reports thru the years.

Since these items are often asked about on the board, Gumbah’s reports are infrequent, the hours are brief and the location out of the way … I thought I’d list the items on the menu followed by Chowhound comments about any of the items sampled. They are followed by asterisks ***. JojoA mentioned lots of customers on his visit were ordering the Smokey Joe, but no reports from Chowhounds.

This is a great little place that shouldn’t be overlooked and I hope Chowhounds will report back on some of those items waiting to be tried.

Time seems to stand still at Gumbah’s. It was up for sale in 2003 when the first report came on the board. The owner wanted to retire. I think he is still there. Even at that time the “NEW” pastrami sandwich was reported. It’s still listed as “NEW” on the menu.

This place isn’t suffering for business. At noon it was packed with a line to the door and most of the nooks in the restaurant occupied. The service is very efficient though and orders, although made to order, are promptly filled.

They also cater and sell party packs … a pound of Italian Beef with gravy, a loaf of Italian bread, a quart of chili, large container of hot or sweet peppers, etc.


Italian Beef Sandwich ***
Thinly sliced roast beef simmered in its own special gravy, served on an Italian roll with sweet or hot peppers.

The Chicago Hot Dog ***
An all beef hot dog served on a steamed poppy seed bun served with ‘the works’ (mustard, relish, onions, pickles, tomatoes and sports peppers)

Italian Sausage Sandwich
Our own sausage made with Gumbah’s seasonings and served with sweet or hot peppers

Smokey Joe
Thin sliced Angus beef cooked on the grill with our special bar-b-que sauce served on a fresh baked warm bun with mustard and dill pickle

Gyro (pronounced yee-ro)
A fine blend of beef and lamb and mild seasonings served on pita bread with tomato wedges, slivered onions and topped with a cucumber dressing.

Gumbah’s Cheese Steak ***
Genuine Philly cheese steak sandwich-only larger than most-with 5 ounces of black Angus beef served with grilled onions and our special cheese and peppers on an authentic Philadelphia roll (With grilled mushrooms and additional 50 cents)

Gumbah’s Chicken Cheese Steak
Served with our special cheese and peppers

Hot Town Griller
A wonderful foot long sausage with a little fire. Served on an Italian roll with caramelized grilled onions, mustard and sweet peppers.

Gumbah’s New Pastrami Sandwich ***
A melt-in-your-mouth pastrami delivered to us from Chicago, served with hot or regular mustard, with a large dill pickle, on a light rye bun made specially for Gumbah’s.

Polish Sausage ***
A hickory smoked sausage served on a steamed poppy seed bun served with ‘the works’

Dago Dog
Italian sausage served on a steamed poppy seed bun dressed like a hot dog

Beefy Cheese Sandwich
Italian beef and jack cheese sandwich with sweet or hot peppers

Combo Sandwich
Italian beef & Sausage served on Italian roll with sweet or hot peppers

Beefy Cheese combo
Jack cheese layered between Italian beef and sausage and served with sweet or hot peppers

Chili Dog

Chili Cheese Dog

Jumbo beer battered onion rings

Fries Fries Fries ***

Regular, garlic, BBQ, Cajun, parmesan, cheese, chili, chili cheese
Our new cheddar cheese fries are fantastic

Gumbahs’ Famous Chili

Chicago Pizza – Thin Crust ***
Cheese and Sausage
95% of the pizza sold in Chicago is thin crust-it is wonderful! Prepared with our own sauce and sausage and topped with Wisconsin cheese

Carrot Cake (the grand finale)
Super moist and topped with a rich cream cheese frosting.


Italian Beef Sandwich ***

JojoA: Sensing I had never been there before, Buddy asked the kitchen to give me a sample of their signature item, the Italian beef. This thinly sliced roasted beef was tender and tasty, with its juices deliciously soaked into the bread underneath. The full version is served on an Italian roll with either sweet or hot peppers.

Melanie Wong: This was my first experience with the genre. In fact, I posted on the Chicago board … to try to get a handle on how close this might be to the definitive Chicago beef sandwich. The sliced beef was plentiful, but not that tasty on its own. The "gravy" was thin, more like juices than anything thickened, and flavored with dried thyme and oregano. What made this humble beginning sing was the spicy hot giardiniera. The oil itself was spicy, and the veggies were chopped into small bits and stayed crunchy, so much so that they didn't seem processed/cooked to me. If this is the difference that sport peppers make, bring 'em on

The Chicago Hot Dog ***

rworange: A very fresh, soft steamed poppy seed bun with mustard, held the tasty, smoky dog topped with startling neon green relish, finely chopped onions, a long slice of crunchy dill pickle, thin slices of tomato and sprinkled with celery salt. It was hot dog heaven.

Gumbah’s Cheese Steak ***

rworange: it is stuffed with beef and onions … soft, buttery, fried onions. The meat here has taste … a wonderful beefiness. The juices and butter soak into the fresh bun that is sturdy enough to absorb the juice and hold everything without falling apart. It is topped with the pickled red and green peppers … choice of hot or sweet.

JojoA: I also asked about the "anomaly" of a Philly Cheese steak on the menu and their statement "As our Italian Beef is to Chicago, our Cheese steak is to Philadelphia" - Buddy mentioned about the lousy versions out here in this area and that if he was going to do it, he was going to do it right. Thus, he personally went out to Philly and arranged to visit various cheese steak places to learn the "craft".

Gumbah’s New Pastrami Sandwich ***

JojoA; The pastrami was very good (best I've had since I can't remember when), the bun light and airy, and there was just enough hot mustard to enhance rather than overpower … the pickle had a good crunch to it and a nice tang...you know, like a good pickle should.

Polish Sausage ***

Melanie Wong” Served Chicago hot dog style with “The Works”, a Vienna Beef hickory smoked Polish is cradled on a steamed poppy seed bun and garnished with mustard, relish, chopped onions, a quarter spear of dill pickle, two slices of Roma tomato, celery salt, and two whole sport peppers. While I was a little disappointed that the relish was not the infamous fluorescent green, everything tasted just fine. The sausage was not fatty yet still moist and had a slight sweet edge to the cure.

Fries Fries Fries ***

JojoA: The fries were really great - extra crispy with a great, rough-hewn texture that both looked good to the eye and felt good in the mouth.

Melanie Wong: I also tried a small order of fries … which were as good as promised. They’re slim cut and lightly battered so they fry up golden and delicately crackly.

Razordog the french fries are good, they're thin and crisp, a little bit skinnier than mcdonalds fries, i had the parmesean fries which was just fries with the parmesean cheese from that green can, so i was a little disappointed and i've also tried the cajun fries which are fries with some cajun seasoning sprinkled over them

rworange: Skinny like match stick potatoes, they had that mashed potato soft interior like Popeye’s fries and no garlic flavor … at first. Then the garlic kicked in. Little pieces of garlic clung to each piece and they were gloriously garlicky. One of the few fries I’ve had in a long time that was worth the calories.

Chicago Pizza – Thin Crust ***

razordog the pizza i got at gumbah's h ad a very thin crust, thinner than NY style, the thickness of the crust was maybe about two tortillas, and the cheese went all the way out ot the edge of the pizza

i really liked it, the crust had a saltine cracker like feel because it was so crispy, it stood up to the sauce and cheese and wasn't soggy at all, and there was a nice amount of sauce to cheese (it may have had a tad bit too much cheese - but i didn't mind), i just wish there was more sausage on it

DJ Mark 7: Aren't the pizzas good? After downing a sandwich there a while back I took home one of the frozen pizzas an made it that night....excellent


Gumbah's - Gut-Enhancing Grub

Gumbah's Authentic in Vallejo Italian Beef

Chicago Polish @ Gumbah’s (Vallejo)

chicago style thin crust pizza at gumbah's, vallejo

136 Tennessee St
Vallejo, CA
(707) 648-1100

Monday – Saturday: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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