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Valentine's Dinner Challenge: Help Me!

girlwonder88 | Feb 11, 200804:16 PM

We're broke, and will be having Valentine's dinner at home this year (we don't particularly like to fight the crowds, anyway). I'd love to have CH's help in figuring out what to make. Would love dessert and main course ideas. Here are the parameters:
1. Two adults, a 10 year old, and a toddler. They aren't hugely picky, and we never cook meals specially for them, but having something on the menu they might like is always a plus.
2. I work that day, and won't get home until 6:30, but am off work the day before, so either prepping ahead or a short prep time is essential. Crock pot is fine.
3. (The big one) I don't want to go shopping, so am looking to make something special out of what I have in the kitchen. Assume a well-stocked pantry, all the basics, and the following specific items:
-Thick cut pork chops
-Whole chickens
-Chicken Apple Sausage
-Acorn Squash
-Spaghetti Sqash
-Apples, bananas, avocado
-Corn and Flour Tortillas
-Frozen Roasted Poblana Chiles
-Lots of dried beans, pasta
-Lots of inexpensive wine, and a good bottle of Pinot Noir to have with the meal-other alcohol to cook with
-Hearts of Romaine
-Carrots, Celery, green onions
-new potatoes
-some fresh herbs (mint, sage, oregano, thyme)
-cheese and milk (sharp cheddar, dubliner, mozzarella)
-plain yogurt and sour cream

Throw your favorites at me! I've been home with a sick toddler for a week and am feeling horribly uninspired.

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