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davyboy | Sep 26, 2009 02:32 PM

I haven't posted in quite a while about our Friday Night Dining group's restaurant experiences, but, I felt compelled to post about last night's dinner.

We (15 of us) went to Vago on Greene Avenue in Westmount. We were seated in a ground floor, private room which was really lovely and our expectations ran high, as, apparently, the restaurant is either owned or the chef is a member of the renowned Mercuri family that Lesley Chesterman had written about in the Gazette.

Well, it took about 10 minutes for someone to take our wine orders (those who had wine wine ordered by the glass) and they finally appeared and it was a decent pour. Finally, the waiter appeared and he was one of those insulting bit really funny types - sort of like a male Joan Rivers and he took our orders. Those of us that ordered apps were served about 10 minutes later, but they were universally good. I had the soupe du jour which was a delicious and not creamy mushroom soup with a good quantity of cremini mushrooms in the mix and others, who had ordered the Table D'Hote all had the stuffed peppers in a piri piri sauce which, apparently wasn't that spicy, but all enjoyed the dish.

Then the problem began. After a wait of at least 20- 25 minutes, and with almost everyone complaining about hunger (we had all arrived between 7:00 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. it was now about 8:45 p.m.), the mains arrived, except for 2 - mine and the perosn sitting next to me. We had both ordered Pasta, me. a Linguini Vongole and Danny, a Penne Arrabiata and they were nowhere in sight. About 10 minutes later, the waiter appeared and expressed "horror" about our missing mains. It seemed obvious to me that either the waiter or kitchen had screwed up, so we waited. After another 15 minutes, I went upstairs to find the waiter and cancelled my order, as at this point, i really had lost my appetite. Finally, after another 10 minutes the busboy brought down the 2 missing mains. Danny accepted his but I refused mine.

And then the really stange part, the waiter, genuinally upset ,offered glasses of wine on the house, but only red wine although there were at least 3 people drinking white.

I took my time out from eating to ask everyone about their mains and except for the 3 that had ordered a chicken main which all 3 enjoyed, no one else really liked their food. Especially the 4 who had ordered the Veal Marsala and who all had the same comment - "Where's the Marsala" - completely bland. And the beef lover who had ordered the filet Table Hote was very dissapointed with the meat. And one of the group who had ordered a side of pasta instead of vegetables was served vegetables and finally received the pasta, after complaining, 15 minutes later.

One grace note, I was only charged for the wine I had ordered - the soup was comped and I wasn't charged for the main. And afterward, 5 of us went a few doors up to Bistro on the Avenue for a nightcap and the people at the next table who were eating their mains at 11:00 p.m. were eating what looked like terrific food, which they confirmed, so I'm going to try that place for the next dinner on Greene Avenue.

Never again at Vago.

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