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Vacuum Sealer (inexpensive / starter) - Help requested


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Vacuum Sealer (inexpensive / starter) - Help requested

saregama | Dec 1, 2017 10:07 AM

I've been thinking about getting a vacuum sealer for a while. Main uses would be freezing raw meats / fish in individual portions, marinating food, and freezing leftovers. With my holiday gift to myself - a sous vide stick - the case becomes more compelling!

Considerations - footprint (small kitchen, not much spare storage space), cost of device, and follow-up cost for specialty bags.

I see that there are smaller devices with magnets on the back that claim you can stick them to your fridge, and also use any freezer-quality bags as opposed to specialty bags. There also seems to be a different but smaller device that sucks air out of a hole, but appears to only use specialty bags with the necessary one-way hole (ok that sounded weird).

Any thoughts / suggestions / useful hacks (other than skipping the sealer and use the water displacement method)?

Thank you!

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