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Vacation Food Musings From RIU in Ocho Rios, Jamaica


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Vacation Food Musings From RIU in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Scargod | Jan 11, 2009 08:38 AM

I am 62. This is my first trip to an island in the Caribbean. I mean, it’s not that I haven’t been abroad or traveled outside the US, but this is my first time to go to an island in the Caribbean, or to an all-inclusive resort and I’ve never set foot on a cruise ship.
I’m rather shocked. It seems a little like Disneyland. I haven’t really been to Disneyland, but I have been to Six Flags… I guess I really didn’t know what to expect. So far the food is mediocre to bad. I’m beginning to think the “all-inclusiveness” of it, and the scale of it, makes for mediocrity. There is supposedly an average of 1,500 guests, at this one resort, at any given time. The only beer is Red Stripe (which is passable (if you’re hot and it’s cold), the only scotch is Highland Mist and much of the food seems to have come from a can. I was commenting that I did not see any incentive to finish a beer if it was getting warm or finish any food if it is served buffet style or if you can just keep ordering more from the menu till you find something you like. This suggests to me that they would not spend a lot of money on high-end food or ingredients.
We went to Tushima, the “Japanese” restaurant. You get a compulsory sushi combination platter without asking. These were pathetic and not fresh. I think there was a dab of cooked shrimp in one and another was decent tasting smoked salmon. The others were veggie! The rice was almost inedible. I ordered soup and, much later, finally received (instead), some decent grilled shrimp and yucky flautas-like rolls with zucchini inside. I tried to eat some pretty melon (with nice fan slicing job), but found that both were unripe and inedible. I had the very traditional Japanese dish of sweet and sour shrimp and SO had another “classic Japanese” beef dish, which we found out, came with plain, sliced, baked potato. They asked how she wanted the beef and she said rare. It was truly raw and truly gristly. Neither of us could finish the piece we tried. We had their special Tempura ice cream dessert, which had little if anything to do with ice cream; this rubbery treat tasted like it was filled with cole slaw or was it rubber bands? A truly nasty dessert. They also have nice wine selections; red and white. This meal, it came out of a wine bottle (rather than a spigot), and tasted decent. The white was from Argentina.

Am I boring everyone? Do most of you already know this is the food that awaits you at the average, all-inclusive resort? As I said, I am a little amazed. Perhaps there was someone on Chowhound who suggested that you don’t go for the food… but I really didn’t go for the free-flowing cheap booze or ganja. Several people were quite loaded in the restaurant, last night; wobbling in and out. One inebriated man was quarreling with his wife; she left in mid-meal, then he left and then they came back. Others came in the restaurant to chat and hang out with four people having dinner. This was one of their “gourmet” restaurants, where reservations are required, too.
I’m not saying the food is all mediocre or inedible; just a lot of it is. The tuna is canned and the fish fillet came from Guyana. My fish fillet had many bones in it. I haven’t seen nor had any local fish… The grapefruit and coffee is good. The dark, smooth coffee is actually excellent, with a hint of chocolate. The bacon is nondescript and the previously frozen, deep fried hashbrown slabs were grease-filled. The jerk pork and chicken fricassee was wonderful. I have enjoyed the breads. They have some with real substance to them. The freshly made cheese and onion omelet was plain, but very enjoyable. The sliced cheeses are very mediocre. I did find some blue cheese that was good. At lunch we had relatively good success with desserts, but we’re not big on desserts.
Last night we went to the “Special Jamaican Dinner”. This means that they grill chicken and pork and there were two special sauces; one sweet mango and the other peppery and dark brown. This was good. I find it interesting that in Jamaica (at least), they just hack away at the meat without reservation as to content or quality. There were many pieces of pork that were pure fat and there were pieces of chicken that were unidentifiable and nothing but bone and cartilage. We found some rum infused ice cream and some nice desserts again. Now, we are becoming big dessert fans!
Being adventurous, we don’t always look at the identifying cards above the food or reject anything just because it is foreign to us. We found a lot of new foods, like bread fruit, that were inedible and the tangerine was tasteless. The pineapple was good but the small, Gala looking apples were not that gala.
I suppose I could continue this whining ad nauseum. The weather is nice and I’m getting to swim a lot. No worries!

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