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turbowine | Aug 31, 201710:30 PM    

Part 1 of our Great America Eclipse Trip. There are three more parts, covering Wyoming, Nevada and Los Angeles. Click on my user name and you can find all my trip reports. As I also use Trip Advisor, both to report and for research, the “stars” are my scores that I post on Trip Advisor.

Chef Alfredo’s, Cedar City, UT --- 4 stars
Menu is adventurous, lots of good sounding options.
Service is very friendly, mostly good. Had to ask twice for sparkling water, asked for a house water refill that never came. Otherwise, no problems. Ambience is “strip mall” nice. They have an outdoor waiting area that is probably too hot on some days, but otherwise looks fine.
Ordered Pomodori and Gorgonzola salads. Both tasted great. Got the small, was so good wished I got the large. Would be better if they just used the “hearts” of Romaine, but still a good salad.
Nice bread, not a traditional baguette, more of a brioche style, tasty.
Pollo Avolone: Lots of cheese, crab and shrimp in a chicken roulade, béchamel sauce. Heavy, but tasty, if you like the seafood.
Vitello Chianti: Veal scallops topped with prosciutto, cheese and roasted peppers in a flavorful sauce. Would have preferred the peppers to be bigger pieces. But overall very tasty. Had an Italian sausage side. Note: This is a spicy sausage. Good, but if you prefer it sweet/mild, this isn’t for you.
We got veggies as sides for both. They were nice portions, not over cooked. Broccoli, zucchini and carrots. Nothing adventurous about this, but prepared well.
Overall a nice experience.

HSL, Salt Lake City, UT -- 4 stars
A few negatives right off the bat. Hate to nitpick, but when you get a list….can’t ignore it.
Menu on website not up to date, first thing my wife noticed because she had her heart set on something that was gone, and no, it didn’t say “sample” or “subject to change”
Tea light was not lit when we sat down, nor immediately thereafter (wife hates that, but they did light it later, halfway through our meal, must have a designated time)
Waitress walked by several times after we put down menus before asking if we were ready, when we were obviously just sitting there.
First glasses of wine the pour was light. We complained, and the 2nd drinks had more, definitely, more. The manager came by and explained they can only pour 5 oz, and she made sure we got the full 5 oz this time. No break or apology for the first round.
Overall, I thought prices were a tad high.
We ordered:
Cauliflower in the style of General Tso – tasty!
Charred cabbage w/ cheese and romesco
Pork shank
Bavette steak
All were good, but the bavette steak was weakest of the four.
Overall happy we went here, but they have room for improvement in the service department.

Adding this here because it looks like a good resource others might be interested in

Chef Alfredo's Ristorante Italiano
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