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USA Donut Detour?


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USA Donut Detour?

rworange | Jul 24, 2005 05:23 PM

The question about getting warm Dunkin Donuts had me thinking that I can count on one hand in my whole life the number of places that serve hot donuts (not counting Krispy Kreme).

I'm not talking about beneits or some fancy restaurant where you pay ten bucks for a plate of donuts (thank goodness that phase passed).

I talking about your plain old American donut joint donut.

Anyway I have a possible upcoming trip across the USA and I was wondering if there were any places that serve hot donuts. I'd consider a donut detour.

In California there are only two places like that and they are seasonal. In Apple Hill there is Rainbow Orchard and Abel's Apple orchard which make wonderful apple cider donuts almost served straight from bubbling fat with a brief detour to drain.

I honestly can't remember another place that served hot donuts. Maybe at some country fair.

So, hot donuts anyeone? Anywhere?

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