Upgrading cookware


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Upgrading cookware

nano404 | Jan 29, 2014 06:47 AM

If your parents are anything like mine, they're good cooks (particularly my mom) but they're not very particular about what pots, pans and utensils they purchase and use. As long as it's deemed of good enough quality and wasn't expensive, they bought it.

I'm sure many of us were like that too at some point. No doubt, with more experience we began to appreciate differences in the type of cookware we use and the different materials used to make them. For example, you may now value the difference between an expensive copper saucepan vs. the usual stainless steel, or the benefits of a well balanced chef's knife over the cheaper knives that you usually find in stores.

What are some of the pots, pans and utensils you've found yourself upgrading as you gained more cooking experience? And what items, looking back, do you wish you had invested more in when you "started off"?

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