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Update on My 100 Year Old Grandmother's Apple Cake Recipe


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Update on My 100 Year Old Grandmother's Apple Cake Recipe

sivyaleah | Jun 26, 2006 03:06 PM

So, it was raining all weekend and what better time to try out the recipe my 100 year old grandmother handed down to us. I posted about this about a month ago. We had approximate quantities, the recipe was ambiguous and I asked for some pointers from the bakers here, since this is not my area of expertise at all.

Here's the link (I hope!)


I stuck to the quantities my sister had written down but the batter/dough didn't look anything like what I remembered. It was much looser. I attibuted that to the fact that a) the orange I used was HUGE and b) I guess the 2 cups of flour it called for was an approximation (my sister late on did admit she kept adding more and more until it was more like a bread dough, wish she'd mentioned this prior). Anyway, I decided to leave it as it the first time around.

Also, I added a couple of teaspoons of vanilla to the recipe and 1/4 teaspoon salt which was missing. Several people said this was a big error and salt was always part of a baking recipe and was probably why it was bland, as I'd mentioned. Both ingredients helped enormously in the flavor department.

My grandmother used to use McIntosh apples - I hate them so I used two of my favorites, Gala and Yellow Delicious. Both held up nicely to baking. Also, the recipe said to grate the orange whole. This kind of grossed me out - using the pith seemed unnecessary so I just used the zest, cut away the pith and grated the rest, pulling out the big pieces of membrane.

The batter was quite pourable. I used a 9" x 2-1/2" springform pan. My sister said to use a pan deeper than wide but since this didn't turn out to be the "dough" she said it would be (which should have been in 2 parts actually, a top and bottom w/the apples layered inbetween), I figured this size pan would be ok.

I baked at 350 for just about an hour.

Well, it was not exactly the cake my grandmother made however I can say it was delicious! It had a really nice orange undertone, and was not overwhelmed with apples like a pie (I used about 3 cut up apples). It had a cake-like texture, but not like a modern cake, a bit more crumbly, with a nice browned exterior. Not overly sweet, which I prefer. And, I think the batter would lend itself nicely to any other type of fruit, such as blueberries or peaches this time of year.

I could not have done this without the help of this board. Like I said, I don't bake - I'm a pretty good, creative cook but never got into the desert end of things. Also, since my sister never got an accurate recipe this was somewhat difficult, plus the couple of times she made it, well frankly it was not particularly good.

Next time, I'll try doing it with a lot more flour, so that it has the texture of my grandmother's which was more bread-like. But, as it turned out, I think I'll claim it now as my own apple cake recipe and try and improve on it a bit more :-)


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