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Unwelcome surprise in my eggs

DC in DC | Dec 25, 201111:03 AM

Yuck! I cracked an egg for a cake recipe this morning and found inside ... you guessed it ... a little chicken fetus.

After I recovered, I figured this was a one-in-a-million anomaly, so out of curiosity I cracked three more from the same batch. Each one was the same.

I've never, ever encountered this before. Because I bought the eggs at a store whose clientele is largely Asian, I searched the web to see if this is some kind of delicacy in other cultures. I learned more than I ever wanted to know about the egg-fertilization process and the love life of chickens and roosters, but no word on whether this is some kind of unique special thing, or even whether it's okay to eat eggs in this state. Personally, I found it completely disgusting but now I'm a bit intellectually curious.

Anybody got light to shed on this phenomenon? Meantime, I think I need gross-out counseling.

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