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Unwelcome squid "bonus" [moved from Home Cooking]


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Unwelcome squid "bonus" [moved from Home Cooking]

greygarious | Apr 16, 2011 10:44 AM

I bought two very fresh squid that were good size, about a foot long. I learned how to clean them half a lifetime ago, and am not generally squeamish. I picked up the first one, noticing that it was heavy - good, I thought, as I pulled out the head. I grabbed the end of the quill and tugged - along with it came a 2" fish, then another...and another... All told, 8 of them, the smallest being only an inch long. They were all in good shape - Signore Calamari must just have finished his banquet when he met his maker. I'll admit to a total of 5 heebies and at least 3 jeebies! His fellow victim hadn't eaten, fortunately. Does this happen often? I used to make squid about once a week but it's been decades - they started selling them cleaned, and they didn't seem as fresh. Also, I like the tentacles and sometimes the cleaned ones are sans tentacles. I have never before seen a squid who took his last supper along to the great aquarium in the sky. By the way, to maintain my frugality cred, after cooking the meal I added the heads and the fishies to the pan and cooked them for my old dog, who enjoyed the bonus.

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