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Unthreaded replies to posts

LindaWhit | Apr 25, 2014 09:31 AM

Is there a site buggie that is causing obvious replies to specific posts within a thread to go unthreaded and land at the bottom of the thread instead of in response to post to whom they are actually responding?

Cases in point:

On the current WFD thread, I asked Harters the following:

His response went here, further down the thread:

When I asked if he had responded to me, his response was also unthreaded.

Also, on this thread, jrvedivici had asked who Sam F. was:

The response was further down the thread as a standalone post:

Not sure if that's caused by the responder hitting the wrong "reply" button or not (i.e., replying to the original post in the thread instead of the reply button for the person they wish to respond to), but I've noticed it several times throughout the past few weeks on various threads.

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