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Unsolicited and non-professional marketing advice

EM23 | Sep 29, 201501:31 PM    

CH admin – I know you didn’t ask, but I have a few suggestions for ways to quickly and inexpensively market CH to new users and, hopefully, encourage those of us still hanging around to post more.

1. Serious Eats has a subreddit on Reddit and before that, Kenji was an active participant on the AskCulinary subreddit. CH should have a similar presence on Reddit.

2. We have so many subject experts on CH, why don’t we take advantage of this and highlight their contributions* in articles? Quality and content-wise, they would blow the unedited listicles out of the water.
*See the Cheese of the Month thread below

3. Food clinics hosted by these contributor/ experts – perhaps a monthly dedicated subject thread hosted by one or more of these contributors where they offer advice and field questions. Yes, the same as a thread/post, but advertised in advance and promoted on other sites and social media – maybe Food of the Month or Recipe of the Month. Tie them to holidays when more new users come searching for holiday cooking advice. And featured in one of the boxes on the homepage. For an example, see this “Cheese of the Month” thread. http://www.chowhound.com/post/washed-...
Short of this, highlight past discussions, like ChotM, CotM, etc. Those discussions don’t stale.
Other topic ideas:
-roasting meats
-canning/ pickling/ preserving
-sous vide
-enameled cast iron
-the mother sauces
-food gift ideas
-a series of cooking 101: soups and stocks; baking for novice home bakers

4. Add a Professional Corner – a weekly or monthly q & a with an expert hosted by a permanent moderator with a visible presence. If hosting it on here is not viable, host an IAmA “sponsored by Chowhound” on Reddit. There are plenty of folks out there who are looking to self-promote – food bloggers’ Youtube cooking channels; private chefs; local cable tv cooking instructors*; new product makers; food tourism.
-Mick Colameco – chef and host of a NYC food chow on PBS http://colameco.com/
-Frankie Celenza Hosts the NYC cooking show, Frankie Cooks https://www.youtube.com/user/Eccelenza/
-Kevin Penner Chef and blogger – has appeared on Barefoot Contessa http://chefkevinpenner.com/
-Walter Staib-chef and host of ‘A Taste of History’ on NJ cable http://www.atasteofhistory.org/chef-w...

5. I know others (sorry for not recalling names) have suggested bring back the thread recaps feature. This is a great idea. Please reconsider.

6. Chow Tips were handy. I don’t know how costly they are to produce, but they were a great feature.

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