Unreal Scoop! Nat'l Wholesale Liquidators Gourmet!


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Unreal Scoop! Nat'l Wholesale Liquidators Gourmet!

amy t. | Mar 11, 2005 02:04 PM

Yesterday, given my free time aside from job-hunting, I walked into Nat'l Wholesale Liquidators (in NYC, on Bway between Bleecker and Houston) to pick up a great kosher version of that "Oriental Rice Snack Mix" that I adore and...
LO AND BEHOLD. what to my wandering eyes should appear but a sign inviting customers to their new upstairs "Gourmet Food" section.

THE PLACE IS UNREAL! Soooo many kosher foods, the entire upstairs, many things from Israel and Europe, chic stuff like infused oils, a Turkish coffee can with a great graphic on it of a 1950's woman, the Imagine line of parve soups, spices, tons of Olive Oils AND the owner told me that they will soon sell kosher cheeses and refridgerated dips. The prices are super too, not a rip off at all.

If there are any expats from Westchester County, you may remember a place called "Fancy Foods" or "Passport Foods"that was around in the 80's when I was hard at work getting my hair fully "Farrah-ized" at all times, this new gournet section at Nat'l Wholesale Liquidator's is reminiscent of that store. Check it out.

Shabbat Shalom,

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