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Are there unmentioned steps in this pea soup recipe?


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Are there unmentioned steps in this pea soup recipe?

vjb | May 23, 2014 03:38 AM

I have never used salt pork, and I want to make Mme Jehane Benoit's recipe for pea soup ("soupe aux quatorze affaires"). But I want to know whether there are unspoken steps involving the salt pork.

Her recipe calls for "1 lb. salt pork, lean and fat" (for 1 lb. of dried soup peas and 8 cups of water). The instructions for dealing with the salt pork are to rub it with 1 Tbsp of dry mustard, cover and refrigerate for 12 hours. Then put it in a pot with the peas, herbs and aromatics, and cook the lot for 3 or 4 hours. The last steps mention nothing about removing the chunk of salt pork.

Before following all of Mme Benoit's steps, does one need to boil the salt pork to remove some of the salt? Does one need to cut slices into it or cut it into chunks? Or does one slice or chop after the 12 hours in the fridge but before 3-4 hours in the pot? Is most of the salt pork supposed to melt away? Or does one just leave the chunk in the bottom when freezing and/or serving the soup?

I look forward to your responses!
fyi, here's the recipe: http://www.foodgeeks.com/recipes/fren...

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