Unknown but flavorful wine varietals – Timorasso, Nosiola, Pigato. Others?


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Unknown but flavorful wine varietals – Timorasso, Nosiola, Pigato. Others?

maria lorraine | Jan 18, 2008 11:06 AM

There’s an interesting short interview with Ceri Smith, the proprietor of a [mainly] Italian wine store in San Francisco in the Chronicle today:

Whiner first made mention of Ceri Smith (“a beautiful young woman who has clearly forgotten more about Italian wine than I will ever learn”) in his post recommending an SF store to purchase Amarone.

In the article she discusses a few varietals unknown to me:
--Timorasso, a white wine from Piedmont: “I love it. Vigneti Massa's is like honey almond, and then it opens up with this rich, creamy green tea in the nose. It's a white wine that opens like a red wine.”

--Nosiola, from Trentino-Alto Adige: “Where Pinot Grigio stops, it just keeps going.”

-- She also “loves” Pigato, from Liguria.

Any other interesting and relatively unknown varietals with wonderful flavors? Italian or otherwise? Or comments on these?

I’m currently exploring Cesanese, after Pallavicini’s exotic nose and wonderful flavors for $16 won me over. Looking for other Cesanese recs as well as mentions of other varietals worth exploring.

Carswell mentioned Erbaluce from Piedmont the other day: “Erbaluce's aromas/flavours tend to white fruit and citrus with an undercurrent of volatile herbs (sage?) and minerals.”


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