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The United States- Where good cheese goes to die


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The United States- Where good cheese goes to die

Simon Majumdar | May 2, 2001 11:52 AM

having spent most of the last month in the US ( both East and West coasts ) I was amazed at how incredibly difficult it was to find cheese that could be counted as even close to edible either in markets or on the cheese boards of otherwise superb restaurants.

There seems to be no passion for cheese within restaurants . Choice was limited to say the least and the cheeses seemed to have been appallingly looked after ( soft cheeses, chilled to the point of freezing in one case )

even in NY when searching out samples to have at home ( Zabar's, Gourmet Garage, Dean & Deluca's ) the choice was risible and certainly less than a bog standard market on this side of the pond. The staff seemed lacking in any passion or knowledge.

When I did, at point of desperation, buy a few samples to try, I was without exception disappointed.

So chaps, what gives, for a country with such amazing produce, superb quality of meat and fish ( we will forgive you for the abomination that is Hudson Valley Foie Gras) and wines to die for. How come you can't make/look after cheese?

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