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Is unhealthy food worth it? (s/o of school lunch post)

emilyjh75 | Nov 8, 201112:02 PM

This is an extension of the school lunch post recently bumped. I mentioned in a reply to that post about how our school is not serving healthy food for our children, and how I wanted to keep my preschoolers home for breakfast.

Well, after two days of feeding my lovely children hot, fresh, whole oatmeal, raisins, bananas, and apples at home for breakfast, I've been informed by the preschool that because our program (Head Start) is funded and supported by the USDA, they are *required* to feed the children that slop that's being handed out. That is, if I keep my children home during breakfast, I'm still required by law to bring them to the breakfast room when I get to school, sit with them, and make them eat it, regardless of whether they've already been fed at home.

I've called the district nutrition supervisor to find out my options, but in the mean time, I guess I have to decide whether it's even worth fighting over at all. I'm asking for opinions here: is it worth it to you to fight over, or even pull your kids out of preschool, over feeding them proper, healthy food? (When they get old enough for elementary school, they can bring their own food.)

Perhaps it's not such a big deal for one or two years of a child's life, but I just can't get it out of my head the health risks that my children are being exposed to, twice a day, for 2/3 of that year or two. I also think about how it may influence their tastes, and perhaps gear them away from the proper food they get at home. Are the benefits of preschool worth the risk? I'm leaning towards no...

Just how important is fresh, whole, healthy eating to you and your family?

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