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Well, that was unexpected -- melting onions

Jacquilynne | Jul 14, 2015 12:15 AM

I was making fried sweet onions and bacons to go with perogies at dinner tonight, and I added just a tiny bit of baking soda, since I read on Serious Eats that it would speed up the caramelization of the onions. I'm not sure if I overestimated how much baking soda constituted a tiny amount, or if there was a weird reaction between the bacon and the baking soda and the onions, but the onions completely melted into a puddle of liquid. Within a minute of adding the baking soda to the pan, I had bacon floating in an onion broth, which was really not what I was expecting.

I cooked the broth down some and then added yet another sweet onion to the mess thinking that this one might remain solid, but nope, it melted, too.

So, in the end, I reduced down what was now the liquified form of 2 and a half large sweet onions until it was sort of a thickish sauce covering the bacon. The end result was *amazing*. I mean, it was 'what else can I put this on for the rest of my life?' levels of good. It was warm and rich and a little bit sweet and satisfying and I wanted to put it on everything short of ice cream, and I'm not so sure it wouldn't do well on ice cream.

This is the kind of happy accident I can really get behind.

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