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things I don't understand re Chinese & BBQ--help?


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things I don't understand re Chinese & BBQ--help?

tatamagouche | Nov 1, 2005 07:04 AM

These cuisines are not within my bailiwick, so I'm hoping those of you who are experts can help a curious soul.

Scallion pie vs. scallion pancake.
Is there or should there be a difference? I've had things that resembled omelets, And I've had things that are more like taco shells in consistency.
Also, what's the scallion's role? Should they just stud the thing, or should there be scads of them, a la the filling in chive dumplings at Thai restaurants?

Spare ribs in black-bean sauce.
I recently ordered some that came chopped up on the bone, which I found odd, since it seemed to defeat the purpose of bite-size convenience. Does anyone else have a theory on this?
Also, the sauce was like 2 parts oil to 1 part black beans and their schmutz. Excessive or typical?

Meat falling off the bone.
Once and for all, is it or is it not supposed to? Or does it depend on the meat in question?


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