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Do you Understand Adult Picky Eaters?


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Do you Understand Adult Picky Eaters?

cendant | Sep 14, 2005 09:40 AM

I just read a nicely written, thoughtful review on the Manhattan boards where a poster wrote "I was nervous to try it...." about a food item. Mind you, this was not monkey brains, or deep fried crickets. Heck, wasn't even sweet breads. It was a unique ice cream flavoring. Do you, clearly a hound, 'get' picky eaters? Why would trying something that is clearly edible invoke anxiety? What could possibly happen from tasting something different? I mean, you're not going to die. Seems childish to me. (Not talking about allergies/ keeping kosher.)I have seen people appear really stressed when faced with a menu that doesn't seem to have mac and cheese or chicken breast on it. Any armchair shrinks out there?

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