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Ultimate Day of Dining *Dinner*


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Ultimate Day of Dining *Dinner*

mommytorres | Jul 5, 2007 12:30 PM

Congrats Jason on your winning entry!

Moving on...I'm wondering if Chow will be posting how the judges picked the winner. I noticed that in the boards a few days ago somebody was crying foul because one of the entrants had gone up to 500 votes in a short amount of time. Now, I just posted in there now that the contest is over. I also recieved A LOT of votes in next to no time at all. Why? Because I asked people to vote for me or if they felt another person had a better entry to vote for them. I belong to a few message boards, I have 2 blogs (1 for friends & family and 1 general), and I have a large number of people I know.

I feel I have a right to know, along with all the other people who entered this contest, how the judges came to choose Jason. I believe that judging cannot be private in sweepstakes by regulational rules, but I may be wrong (I'll find out after I am done here). This means they would need to explain how the criteria was used to pick the winner.

I AM MAD. I am not usually a sore loser as I have entered contests before and lost, but this one smells fishy. I got a private message that guided me towards your contest. I went ahead and put in my entry and decided to ask for votes since I don't know anybody here @ chow. I sent out an email to the people I know, I posted a vote request to my buddies on the message boards, and I posted on my blogs. I also asked my neighbor's, doctor and the lady who runs the internet cafe down the street from my house. She even kept a copy of the link so she could ask a few more people for me.

I was amazed at the pouring in of support that I had gotten this many votes! Normally, my life isnt all roses. I have 2 sons with Hirschsprung's Disease (which nearly took my youngest child's life from the 11 surgeries that he needed and the complications that arose), my daughter has a heart condition, my first child was a twin, but his twin died in utero. I suffered 4 pregnancy losses (as late as 20 wks) and was then diagnosed with lupus AND endometriosis. Just over a year ago I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis along with everything else. I felt short while standing at 5 feet, but in my wheelchair I get to stare at people's bottoms all day. Recently my husband was so sick I had to get him to the hospital...he was diagnosed with acute renal failure (kidney failure). He missed 6 weeks of work and is starting to get better a little, day by day. I am not even getting into the fact that my health insurance is only paying for pallative care for myself. I am not being treated with anything other than steroids and a lot of pain medications.

I shared that info with you so show that I am not a weak person by any means.I can handle A LOT. However, I feel that I need to see the judges decision to know that this was a legit contest.


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