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Uh oh...I forgot a step in making creme fraiche. Is it safe?

nooodles | Jul 27, 200508:40 PM

Okay, so most recipe say to heat a cup of heavy cream to 110 degrees, mix in a tablespoon of buttermilk, and let stand in a warm place for a day or two.

I forgot to heat the milk.

Some further web research yielded a few recipes that didn't call for heating.

My question: has anyone tried this, or have I basically made poison?

I used Strauss organic cream, which isn't ultrapasteurized. It's been sitting on top of my fridge, which is the warmest place in my rather cool apartment.

When I got home today, the jar had a layer of largish bubbles near the top (the cultures at work, I assume). A small taste told me the cream was tangy, but not as sour as creme fraiche or even buttermilk. The texture was still a little runny, definitely not as set as creme fraiche. It's been sitting there about 20 hours. Should I toss it or is it perfectly edible?

It tastes fine (even good), but that can be deceptive...

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