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Enough Already With The Ubiquity Of Starbucks!

Chino Wayne | May 31, 2002 11:04 PM

When is the public's infatuation with Starbucks going to wear off? It's just a cup of coffee for Pete's sake. Why do people continue to pay Rodeo Drive prices for a lousy cup of coffee? Oh, I know, it is DESIGNER coffee.

What exactly is the mark-up on the coffee at Starbucks? I got a funny feeling that a cup costs them about two cents. How else could they justify their total over saturation. In Chino Hills there is a Starbucks in the new Vons store, maybe a mile away is a Starbucks in the Albertson's store, RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET is a free-standing Starbucks. They gotta be making a HUGE profit on their lousy cup of coffee to be able to financially justify this oversaturation.

And can Pasadena or South Pasadena 'hounds clarify something for me? Were my eyes deceiving me as I drove south on Fairoaks Wedenesday, did I really pass a free-standing bank building housing a local branch of Wells Fargo Bank AND STARBUCKS for crying out loud?!?!

To top it all off, where I work the company contracts with Aramark for cafeteria services. The company has installed big automatic commercial coffee urns in strategic areas, and the company pays Aramark to keep them supplied with coffee, etc. So coffee anywhere is free, EXCEPT Aramark removed the automatic commercial FREE coffee urns from inside the cafeteria, and replaced them with those stupid thermos-pump devices, filled with lousy Starbucks designer coffee, and then charge us poor working stiffs Starbucks prices for a cup of coffee that used to be free. (Knowledgeable mature veteran saff [old geezers] like myself, know better than to get the coffee out of the dispersed urns that the company pays for, because all those young whippersnapper-worker bees brew the coffee, and they think the manufacturer recommended three pouches of coffee is "too strong", so they always brew sissy one pouch urns. So where the cafeteria urns were once the salvation of true coffee lovers, the cafeteria coffee boutique is now the thorn in the side of real coffee drinkers.)

'hounds, join me in fomenting the revolt against Starbucks, we can lead the charge in the Coffee Riots of 2002!

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