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The ubiquitous burger

Gastronomos | Apr 16, 2015 05:27 PM

It dominates menus.

"...something so patently outrageous..."

"...that they defaulted to the safest item on the menu."


I'm not a burger guy. No.
Not at all.
I do order one now and then. I'm usually left disappointed.
Yet, there's only so much pizza I can eat.

As the article says, "It's hard to blame them, financially at least. The burger is the least expensive item on the menu".

Instead of a "plate meal" the less fortunate kid got a smaller portion between bread, po'boy at least got something to eat.

So, play it safe and order a bland burger, or risk it, break the bank, and hope there's someone in the kitchen that possesses some culinary skill to warrant the prices for the plain piece of protein with lame sides...

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