Different types of Riedel Glasses


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Different types of Riedel Glasses

hobbess | Feb 20, 2010 03:20 AM

I really don't know anything about wine, but I was thinking about buying some nice glasses for my dad. I know Reidel is pretty famous for pushing all those different types of glasses for each specific type of wine.

But, now, it seems Reidel is also being pretty aggressive about coming up with all these different types of wine lines for each wine type- Vinium, Vinium XL, Vinium Extreme, Vitis, etc...

What's the difference?

I think I read somewhere that one line is for Old World WIne while another line is for New World Wine, but there are so many more lines than that.

Also, if its true, that certain lines are for old world vs new world, then doesn't mean that the consumer should avoid certain lines because some grape varieties are better from the old world or new world. For example, even though Reisling is grown in the new world as well, aren't the best Reislings still grown in Germany? And, thus you'd want to buy the best Riedel line that would suit Old World wines?

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