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What are the different types of brown rice?

LorenzoGA | May 18, 201701:40 PM

Let me start by saying I prefer fluffy long-grain white rice over brown rice, like I prefer white bread to whole wheat bread. Sometimes, however, I eat brown rice because I feel it is more nutritious. The brown rice I had been using for a long time seemed chewy, nutty, and dense. I also tried some brown basmati, and it too had that sort of tough texture. So I assumed this is simply how brown rice is. Recently, I tried some brown rice from H-Mart that comes in a generic plastic bag labeled "brown rice." This brown rice cooks up much softer, less chewy, less nutty, and reminds me much more of white rice. In an assertively flavored rice dish, such as jambalaya, I don't think I would even suspect it is brown rice. The raw appearance looks similar to any other raw brown rice I have examined. But could it still be par-boiled or something? Should I have any reason to suspect it is less nutritious than other brown rice? I can't help but think that if it reminds me more of white rice than brown rice, its nutritional value is probably more like white rice than brown rice. When I shop for brown rice, what should I look for or avoid?

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