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Twin Appetites

Lynn | Jan 12, 2001 09:00 AM

A question just popped into my head. Alice and I are twin chowhounds. And,I've just noticed another twin posting on this list. So--there are at least two sets--and maybe more?

My question for any identical twins out there (or siblings of twins or mothers and fathers of twins:

Do you and your twin have identical tastes in food--and a similar cpacity to "down it?"

While Alice and I share basic favorites, there are definite shades of difference. And people always seemed surprised if we don't order "twin" dishes. (Mostly, we share, so we can try two items!)

Ironically, Alice, the "lighter" twin can tuck quite happily into fried stuff--whereas I often prefer plain, grilled foods. But--I still weigh more than her! Life is full of inpenetrable--and ironic-- mysteries, eh??

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