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TWEEZERS, The Downfall Starts There


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TWEEZERS, The Downfall Starts There

Delucacheesemonger | Dec 27, 2013 07:39 AM

l eat about 200-250 meals a year at restaurants, lunches and dinners and finally realized what makes a meal successful for me or not. What l have realized has been difficult to put into words successfully for me up to now. l enjoy a plate of non fussy food. Portions need not be enormous but should be a portion not a middling pile of umpteen ingredients surrounding one 'perfect' shrimp or other main item.
l came to the conclusion if the kitchen uses tweezers more than a teeny bit l am most likely not going to be happy.
In this respect l differ from many, many critics and many, many consumers but it is my money and thus my choice how l choose to eat.
l simply do not want a 10 course meal of little bits assembled by tweezers that guarantee me the food will be presented beautifully, but be one or two bites thus even good, not enough to really be a course rather than a larger amuse and primarily never be hot enough.
They screw over that duck breast, cut and precisely positioned, so there is no way it can be served at peak temperature.
Eat as you will, but please keep this stuff far from me.

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