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I've been Tweeted?


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I've been Tweeted?

jrvedivici | Apr 25, 2013 10:33 AM

Ok, let me preface this post with I am a self admitted tech-tard. While I do participate on certain social networking sites, such as this, I do not have a very firm grasp on many technologies. (I do have an i-phone though!!)

I do not have a Tweeter account, but I do believe I have a general understanding of it. It’s kind of like text messaging using call block. Meaning, people can read your messages like a text, however they don’t have your phone number to contact you directly back. They can comment on your tweet or text , but they don’t have “direct access” to you, or your phone number, correct?

So I just noticed on a recent thread I started on my local NJ board, although there are no responses to the thread, in the box to the left under my avatar it says, “This page has been shared 4x’s”. What exactly does that mean? That 4 people have “copy pasted” my thread and shared it with their “friends” on Tweeter?

It does offer me to “view these tweets”, but when I attempt it asks me for my tweeter sign in, which I do not have.

So my tech savvy friends of Chow, can you explain to me in basic language, what exactly this mean?

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