Not About Food 172

Why a TV in every restaurant?

escondido123 | Dec 23, 201105:27 PM

Is it just where I live, or is it now mandatory to have TVs in the restaurant if it has a bar? There's a decent wine bar that serves lunch and dinner. Not a fancy place but not a dive at all--usually more women than men at lunchtime. Last time I went for lunch both the TVs were on with cooking shows...I assume they turn it to sports later. Then last night went to an opening of a new place with a bar/lounge separate from the dining room and pretty upscale. Again, two TVs going in the bar--on opening night and no BIG game. Is this how's it's going to be from now on? And will they start having them outside--for now the safe haven for those of us who go out to not watch TV? (I understand BIG game nights but all the time?)

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