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What to do when your SO turns vegetarian?


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What to do when your SO turns vegetarian?

The Pie Queen | Feb 11, 2002 09:00 AM

Out of the blue, on Superbowl Sunday for some reason, my boyfriend (who I live with) announced that he was turning vegetarian. I thought it was just indigestion talking, from the chicken and andouille gumbo we'd made. But no- he was serious. We order Chinese food, he gets buddhist delight. I want to order the kick-ass Columbian roast chicken for dinner, I'm on my own. I'm really bummed about it, though I'm trying to be supportive. We used to love grilling steaks and burgers and fighting over turkey drumsticks! What happened?

He's doing it for health reasons, and it's true that he needs to watch his fat intake. (He's a skinny guy, but so was his dad who had bypass surgery at age 39.) But my question is, do you really need to cut out all meat to get healthy? He says he'll eat the occasional fish, but no chicken. I think chicken's good for you, if cooked in non-greasy ways and balanced out with whole grains and lots of veggies. What's your take on this issue? I plan not to say much, but to quietly cook delicious chicken recipies every so often, to try to tempt him back. (I'll make veggie recipies too, which I've always done anyway.)

Anyway, any thoughts would be helpful.

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