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How to turn a 2-layer cake into a 4-layer cake?


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How to turn a 2-layer cake into a 4-layer cake?

tuckerma | Jan 19, 2012 03:38 PM

I am planning to make a red velvet cake for an upcoming birthday (namely, the Lee Bros. Red Velvet Cake recipe, which includes orange zest!), and the recipe calls for the cake to be made as two 9" layers.

I would like to try making this cake as a four-layer cake, because the tall cakes seem elegant and fashionable these days. In fact, it's pictured as four layers online: http://mattleeandtedlee.com/lee-bros/...

Doubling the recipe doesn't seem quite right; that would be a huge cake. I calculated that the area of a 9" cake pan is 63.61" and an 8" pan is 50.27", so one option is to do three 8" layers that are slightly thinner than the 9" layers would be, I guess; alternatively, I could increase the recipe by 50% and make 4 of the 8" layers (since 4 8" layers is roughly the same area as 3 9" layers would be).

But maybe I'm over-complicating this.

Has anyone ever done this successfully, and if so, do you have a formula you could share?

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