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"Too much turmeric soup"- a fix-it-upper


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"Too much turmeric soup"- a fix-it-upper

lisaleira | Aug 30, 2016 05:08 PM

Hi homies ,

So I just defrosted this puréed veggie soup that I now remember I froze because it has a problem, ie, too much turmeric. I think my original plan was to just dilute and blend with more veggies- like a head of broccoli or cauli and more stock and aromatic veggies.

But now that I defrosted I forgot to go shopping and also I feel lazy. So is there some way to fix this baby without actually having to cook more soup?

I just added lentils but I realize that's not gonna fully do the trick. I was thinking to purée and add white rice (it is here and in hand.. A plus w respect to laziness ) anyway what do you do in this situation? Aside from actually correcting the fundamental issue by making more soup. I had a crazy idea to also add raisins (ie sweet) and/or hot chili peppers (ie hot). Anyone want to talk me out of it? Or better yet egg me on for experiments sake?

Yay food. (It's not to eat tonight so there's no urgency. It's just the current food project.)

Merciiiii!!! :)

Ps .. Second thoughts.. I could just go get carrots and celery and onion .. But isnt there some other option other than the obvious one?? How are great discoveries made or new insights achieved if not through trying the unknown??

Pps what about adding tahini? Or peanut butter? :)

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