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What was in my Turkish Coffee?


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What was in my Turkish Coffee?

GilloD | Jul 22, 2007 12:02 PM

I've developed quite a taste for Turkish Coffee lately. Frequenting Manhattan finer (and lesser) Falafel joints have left me with plenty of opprotunities to taste the city's Turkish Coffee. Sometimes it tastes like a wet paper bag and sometimes it's a dream come true. My wife and I stopped into Hummus Place down in St. Mark's last night and while the Turkish Coffee was pretty great, there was a taste in it I couldn't place. The menu didn't seem to indicate any additives (Although their take-home stuff noted the addition of cardamom), but there was certainly a spice involved. The waitress told us it was "Hayl" (She pronounced it "Hell"), which a little bit of research tells me is likely Cardamom. But it just didn't taste like cardamom.

Is there a way of preparing cardamom for use in Turkish Coffee that makes it taste, well, less like Cardamom? The taste was almost lemon-y, light and clean. Have I just been frequenting terrible Turkish Coffee stands or was my brew hopped up on something new?

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