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Turkeys, again

JoyM | Nov 15, 2007 09:45 AM

After reading ALL the recent threads on Thanksgiving turkeys I STILL cannot decide what kind of turkey to buy. Here's my concerns:

Diestel: I had one last year. I've more recently bought Diestel turkey parts. I just don't like them. They're not all that tasty or tender, IMO. Maybe the ones I had were frozen? Do they come fresh?

Willie Bird: I was thinking of these, but people have reported that they have very large breasts (what do they do? give them silicone implants?) and very small rib cages. Since dark meat and stuffing are my favorites parts of the meal, Willie Bird might not make sense.

Aaron's: (the one Cook's Illustrated liked best). While I generally trust CI, I don't know. My experience is that unless you brine the bird it's never moist enough and it cooks unevenly. You can't brine a kosher bird since they're so salty to begin with. Too salty, in my experience.

Fulton Valley Farms: I love their chickens, but I've yet to see their turkeys sold anywhere near where I live (on the Peninsula) and their website is uninformative. Any leads? I'd be willing to try a FVF turkey this year.

At least one poster says that it doesn't matter which brand you buy as long as you get a turkey that's fresh, not frozen. Do other people concur? Does anyone have any ideas for where I could find a fresh, not too salty, not overdeveloped breast-wise bird with enough room for stuffing?

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