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Turkey tantrum


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Turkey tantrum

itryalot | Oct 10, 2007 06:30 PM

So, I have cooked a few turkeys before, but have often been a guest a thanksgiving dinner bringing whipped potatoes, roasted root veggies or such.
I am about to have a mini meltdown at the number of recipes for the perfect, juicy turkey.

I have ordered an 8 lb and a 20 lb free range fresh turkey and want to know from you seasoned (no pun intended) cookers:

1. Should I be doing the America's Test Kitchen recipe http://www.cooksillustrated.com/turke...
OR the
Martha Stewart with wine and cheesecloth recipe

I am going to do a traditional stuffing in the big one, then do a giblet stuffing in the other.

2. We never get enough gravy from the drippings. Should I be roasting more wings, necks, etc and then throw them in a pot with celery, onion and carrots and simmer to make a stock?

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