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Turkey vs. Chicken Broth -- Is Turkey weaker?


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Turkey vs. Chicken Broth -- Is Turkey weaker?

CuriousCat | Dec 18, 2010 07:28 PM

(Bit of a long post, TLDR at bottom)

Last night, I made some turkey stock/broth for the first time, ahead of our Christmas Turkey dinner. I want to use this stock in the gravy and "stuffing" (which will cook outside the bird, but whatever). I used 2 whole turkey wings (like, drumette, wing, and wing tip), and, because I couldn't find any turkey backs/bones, added a chicken back + random chicken bones, and a handful of chicken gizzards I found on sale. (All parts were added raw; I was under a bit of a time crunch.)

I made this stock/broth the same way as I have done many times for chicken -- cover bones with cold water, add a tiny bit of salt, bring gently to just below boil, skim skim skim, add roughly cut up veg (carrot celery onion), bring back to almost-boil, skim skim skim, lower heat to bare simmer, and let it sit.

Normally, when I do this with store-bought kosher chicken backs, 2 chicken backs will yield a deeply flavourful liquid in about an hour or 2. I don't even need to add extra meat, as there's plenty clinging on the backs. But this time, even though I simmered for 7-8 hours, the liquid was ... kinda weak.

After removing the solids and straining, I reduced it a bit, and that helped. But not much. Upon chilling in the fridge, the liquid has set into a light-medium gel. So, I'm fairly certain I extracted all the gelatin/collagen from the bones and skin.

The lack of *oomph* doesn't really matter for this batch, as I'm just using it as a flavour helper. But when I make turkey soup out of the Christmas dinner leftovers... should I expect that the flavour will be weaker than chicken soup? (Esp. since it'll be cooked bones/meat going in!)

TLDR: Is turkey soup, all other things being equal, supposed to taste less rich/deep than chicken soup? And if not, what am I doing wrong?

Many thanks to all for your wisdom & expertise!

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