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Your Best Tuna Salad!


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Your Best Tuna Salad!

Dommy! | Jun 21, 2006 02:14 PM

Hi Guys! After what seems like a hellish two months at work and a move, I finally have my new kitchen in order and I'm ready to start cooking again!! My first meal last night was Paella, came out a little bland and greasy (Should have trimmed my thighs a bit more and drained) and I should have added clams (I love the undertone of clam broth with Paella), but over all a success for navigating a strange kitchen.. :)

Anyway in the move I was reminded that I had two great cans of Katy's Tuna! One regular and one Jalapeno. Now since it's Tuna Salad weather, I definatly want to crack these bad guys open!

I know it seems silly to ask for a simple thing like a Tuna Salad recipe, but the thing is, this can of tuna costs like 6 bucks each (yelp!), so I don't want to treat it like my usual can of bumble bee... I'd love to get a really great recipe where the taste shines though.

Each can is 7.5oz, I'm not opposed to using both cans, but again, one is Jalapeno flavor. I look forward to the responses and my eventual sandwich! :)


Link: http://www.katyssmokehouse.com/cgi-bi...

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