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Tuna Guys tuna variations?


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Tuna Guys tuna variations?

galleygirl | Apr 20, 2004 09:57 AM

I'm a Tuna Guys tuna groupie, and I proselytize to friends..(really, a Jehovah's Witness with a tuna can...) And they often buy what I wax euphoric over...But two discriminating hounds that I know were less than ecstatic over the tuna they received...Strange, I thought, but tastes vary...

One was non-plussed enough to send me half a case, which I gratefully accepted (email me to know where to send *your* surplus tuna(g))

I sampled this case, (okay, I inhaled a can before I sampled..) and I think the taste was definitely different than the last case I had...Still very good, but not as mind-blowing....And, on inspection after refrigeration, less fat evident between layers of flesh...I'm thinking because this stuff is only cooked once, perhaps variations among individual fish are more obvious than the basic, cooked to death, canned supermarket variety...Definitely didn't have that fatty, almost swordfish-like taste of the last case I had...Tasted kinda like....tuna.


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