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TSA just confiscated.... (aka "my creole mustard is contraband")


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TSA just confiscated.... (aka "my creole mustard is contraband")

alkapal | May 6, 2009 04:49 AM

yep, going through airport security in sw florida, tsa just confiscated my brand new unopened (foil seal and all) zatarain's creole mustard. ;-((. (hey, it is hard to find and over-priced here in d.c.).

i was informed that i could put it in my checked luggage without a problem. (hmm, isn't there a logic issue, here?) but, that would entail me going back to the airline, having them find and retrieve my now-checked luggage (Ha!), putting my mustard somewhere in the bag where it wouldn't get absolutely squished by US airways' expert luggage-tossers, and then going through security again.

was there someone i could give it to? no, my sister had dropped me off and was long-gone. well, could someone there use it? no, tsa has to throw these contraband items away. (so if you go to those security contractor auctions, you can find the odd lot with nail clippers AND a creole mustard!).

i asked them why it was being confiscated, i.e., is this mustard a "liquid" or a "gel"? i was told it is enough like those "textures" to make it verboten in one's carry-on luggage. can i get a receipt? no, it is "contraband". at first, though, they swabbed it with the bomb-detection cloth. then ran it back through the x-ray. then decided it was a no-go.

i was told peanut butter and applesauce are in the same category.

i had a deep-down inkling when i was packing that they might go all tsa on my mustard, but my checked luggage contained new white linen clothing. (not a good fit for splattered mustard, ya know!).

what food items have you had confiscated at the airport security checkpoint?

<i'm just musing that i could've taken it out, smeared it on my body, and done a dance. but would've been ME that was "confiscated." ;-).>

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