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Truth Be Told... Further Evidence Local Brews Superiority Over... Port Jeff

jonkyo | Dec 10, 201409:30 AM     12

Shall we, as it is stated in last weeks FT Book Review, Let the Truth be Told?

there is a video in comment below

In my effort to 'be a tourist locally', or in my effort to investigate what is closer to home, than what arrives from afar, I picked up a Port Jeff IPA.

The can is classic. Some boat theme, with a circa 1600s sale boat on in an emblem that denotes suitable labeling for a product that will be consumed by a variety of people.

The taste was amazing, for the lack of any other word.

I forwent several cans, that hailed regions exterior to what is commonly known as the Northeast, more specifically, the greater New York city area.

By choosing this local beer, along with a recent find, for me, Bronx Pale Ale, I avoided the foibles of the freak marketers who come up with dizzy lables with much writing, and crazy characters, and got two very respectable beers to drink, that were both increadible.

There is something to be said about a region that is named the Northeast. We have respectable institutions of high learning, many a talented individual derived from its soil.

Unlike the freak show so to speak that has sprunge up all over the continent, we have descent beers with respectable labels. There is less a need for that appeal that must derive its reach from cabel TV and the strip mall.

I can't for the life of me, remember that can that had some character on its label.....'White Serpent' no...that was not it....I have seen it on several occations, but my experience with 21 Amendment's Back in Black, only solidified an idea I have stated on 'myth of craft beer' posts.

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