Truth About Blender HP


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Truth About Blender HP

JustyBear | Mar 27, 2012 09:58 AM

Hi All,

So I saw the threat about the VitaMix, and I apologize in advance for creating a new thread, but I wanted to get this somewhere everyone can see (instead of being buried under 150+ comments).

I think I saw someone go into the physics of it briefly, but it wasn't in detail, so I am going to explain why you shouldn't trust the manufacturer's HP rating on their machines.

Basically, the manufacturer writes what the peak HP of the machine is. Essentially, they are telling you the pure potential of the blender itself. With that in mind, it is misleading because in many instances, your blender will not reach that horsepower. Why is that?

Horsepower is a measure of the power of an engine. In order to measure the power of the engine in your blender, you need to look at the WATTAGE of your machine. In order to find the wattage, you will need to make a calculation of AMPS times VOLTS.

The average household home has 120 volts, so we already know V. If a machine is rated at 3.0HP but it only has say 13 amps, you are looking 1560 watts.

1560 watts can be converted to horsepower by multiplying by .00134, which gives you 2.09.

2.09 HP? That's not 3.0 HP! Technically your machine could go to 3.0 if they inreased the amps in your machine.

The VitaMix only has 11.5 amps. That's equivalent to 1380 watts, or 1.85 HP.

Just a thought.


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