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Trump, NAFTA, Rum, and Tequila


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Trump, NAFTA, Rum, and Tequila

The Big Crunch | Nov 14, 2016 12:04 PM

If at all possible, let's try to avoid any comments outside of the narrow scope of this post's title. Okay, that said...I'm really serious here...what impacts, if any, would pulling out of NAFTA have on rum and tequila prices? This just sort've popped into my head a few minutes ago and I couldn't find any info on Google. Does anyone with some knowledge about those industries, and international trade in general, have some substantive thoughts on this? I'm guessing it would simply be bad - both for prices and availability, but I'm honestly interested in hearing some educated guesses and thoughts. Rum is my favorite spirit, and two of the many reasons I love rum are its affordability and the varieties of styles and flavor profiles. I'd hate to see either be negatively affected.

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