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truffle making tips?


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truffle making tips?

Yvonne | Jan 17, 2005 09:12 PM

Hi there, I have some questions about truffle-making. For the past
two years, I've been trying to make tea-flavoured truffles -- Earl Grey, Black tea with Rose petals, and Rooibos. But I can never get the flavour strong enough to taste. Anyone know how?

FYI, I've tried infusing the cream with tea, mixing strong tea with
cocoa powder and putting that with the ganache, and (this past time) putting the tea through a mortar and pestle. This last one works,
but takes so long! I gave up after I had enough for four truffles.

. and some question for aesthetics. I tried some Max Brenner truffles last month, and they had flat tops -- they looked as if someone had
ironed the top into a perfectly flat square. Anyone know what process is used to do this? I also wonder how chocolatiers make their chocolate have gold and colour.


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