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TRue Weights and Measures? : Whole Foods - moved from Pennsylvania board


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TRue Weights and Measures? : Whole Foods - moved from Pennsylvania board

Bashful3 | Jun 26, 2009 04:23 PM

Whole Foods stores feature real butchers, who give you what you ask for, weigh it, wrap it nicely, and give it to you to take to the checker. Based upon my experience today, I will never leave the meat counter without inspecting the label first.

Got home; noticed I'd been overcharged $7.00 per pound--the label on my package said 'rib steak, $12.99/lb, not the ground buffalo I had purchased at $5.99/pound. Not too happy, I called and asked for the manager. Was told I would have to bring the meat back to have an adjustment... Not too happy, I tried to talk manager into giving me a credit on my credit card for the dollar difference. Nope, he said. I'm only about a mile away, so off I went, 'with attitude'.

Surprisingly, the manager at the Customer Service Dept. told me it happens every day! According to him, the butcher punches in a code, and if that code is off one digit, voila, you might wind up with a label for rib steak instead of ground buffalo.

Has this happened to other Chowhounds? I could not help but doubt the manager's story.

Somehow I doubt those errors of 'one digit' occur in the other direction... What have your experiences been?

( I left out something important. Once in the store, the manager told me that he would refund all my purchase price, which he did. But, he never mentioned that to me on the telephone...)

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