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Trouble sharpening Henckels knives


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Trouble sharpening Henckels knives

SkipII | Dec 11, 2010 07:27 AM

I have a full set of Henckels (mostly five-star). They are 20-25 years old with light daily use.

I simply cannot get and keep an edge on them all of a sudden, even using the techniques I have always used. I am an advanced hobbyist woodworker and can put an edge on a plane blade that allows me to make a wood shaving I can see through. I have a full set of oil and water stones. I have even paid (ughhh) to have the knives sharpened -- and within a day or two: dead.

My regular routine is to set a primary edge of about 20 degrees and a compound edge of 25-30 degrees. The knives are finished off with a 6000 grit Japanese water stone.

I use a bamboo cutting board. The knives have never seen the inside of a dishwasher.

So....I hear from Williams and Sonoma that knives this old can lose their ability to hold an edge. I'm not sure I buy that, but my experience has me spooked.

Anyone else experience this?

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